Strongminds is an independent software development and technology company that wants to make a difference for our customers and contribute to growth . We do this by following these pointers in our daily lives :


Strongminds provides consulting and development services and delivers projects of top quality.

Strongminds can play a variety of roles in customer projects, for example as developers, project managers , architects or change facilitators.

Strongminds are identified with the company's overall vision. So we do what we say we do.

Strongminds acts as a beacon for the software development industry in Region Midtjylland.

Strongminds serves as a partner for companies that support the overall vision.


Strongminds redefine and raise awareness of solid software craftsmanship.

Strongminds ensures customers - through well-designed software - develops their business.

Strongminds are among the three most reputable development companies , and we have a reputation for enhancing customers' business considerably.


We're an independent software development and technology business. Our ambition is to be among the top three recognized development houses. Our competitors are big - we're small, efficient and flexible.

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INCUBA - Katrinebjerg

Åbogade 15

DK - 8200 Århus N


T: (+45) 7026 6416