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Business oriented backend development with F# at eBay 

eBay is a market leading company within their line of business. eBay owns and runs a long list of online sites within the same segment – online buying/selling of goods and advertising. Examples are BilBasen, BilInfo,, ebay.***,,, Craigslist, BrainTree and lot of other sites.

In Denmark, the business units are joining in the backend systems – some of which are running in Denmark and some abroad.

When migrating the danish business unit from a local setup with a critical backend system, to a distributed cross-cutting solution hosted in the cloud, Strongminds has helped integrate the systems correctly and safely.

Part of the solution was developed in F# in a RESTful micro-service architecture. F# is a functional language with a programming model which supports "no side-effects", shorter development cycles, a more compact codebase and an intelligent data transformation engine.


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