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Architecture kickoff workshop at TC Group

TC was facing the task of reinventing a software architecture being able to handle product variance in their range of guitar pedals. Jens Alsig, the coordinating engineer in the team, clearly expressed that TC wanted more time to focus on the development of more and better products. TC contacted Strongminds requesting consulting and the facilitation of a kickoff workshop pinpointing the improvement initiatives.

Going forward it was important for TC to have ownership of processes, tools etc. being developed. The goal of the workshop was to establish a backlog of architectural tasks that TC could continue to work on.

”STRONGMINDS came very well prepared for the workshop where we developed a draft version of the future architecture. This workshop has created a new way of thinking in the software team where architecture, design and reusability has become an integral part of the daily work.” -- Jens Alsig, Engineer, Software


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