You want to move your IT platform to the cloud and can cost optimize – not only operation wise but also on training of personnel and development of standardized web interfaces.

  • Using experiences from large scale customers we can help you using the building blocks available in e.g. Azure and AWS for upgrading or rewriting your services in Microsoft .NET. This way you can save on internal operational costs and training.
  • If you need to expose certain areas of your IT services either internally or externally with business partners we can help crafting a standardized and secure web interface. This way you can enable you and your business partners to easily integrate your legacy services with the cloud solution.
  • If you need to commercialize your product as a PaaS or SaaS offering then the burden of boot strapping an end-to-end development pipeline can be disproportionately heavy. A login system, integration of a payment service, versioning of the product (the entire product that is) throughout its lifespan – well, the list quickly becomes exhaustingly big. Let us lift some of that burden from your shoulders by developing some or all of your solution with a tool chain you can also can count on in the future.

The main points around heavy development costs, integration of standardized web interfaces and product related considerations makes STRONGMINDS a sensible choice as your development partner.


We're an independent software development and technology business. Our ambition is to be among the top three recognized development houses. Our competitors are big - we're small, efficient and flexible.

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