When your app is communicating with the world and the development of specialized apps for every mobile platform is becoming too cumbersome and expensive then STRONGMINDS' mobile solutions may save you time and money.

  • If your app must communicate with e.g. backend services or other devices a Xamarin solution may pave the way towards other platforms. You will get the advantages of sharing the common business logic and infrastructure and a single point of maintenance.
  • Traditional app development can require several developers with specialized expertise for each target platform. The unfortunate economic consequences effects in this scenario can be minimized with our solution where large parts of the UI is reused with e.g. Xamarin Forms. Odd case UI controls can be tailored for each platform minimizing the amount of platform specific, disjoint code. Using cross platform techniques you can reach your market sooner on all relevant platforms.

I can be difficult to attract good quality app developers and the burden of maintaining an externally developed app can be big if the solution is written in a language and environment your developers do not understand well. We craft solutions written in beautiful C# code and your own developers will have a better chance of understanding the code, solution architecture and design.


We're an independent software development and technology business. Our ambition is to be among the top three recognized development houses. Our competitors are big - we're small, efficient and flexible.

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