Our approach

Software development has the potential to change any business.

Working and educational experience is needed to backup such a statement, and we have both.

All our employees and consultants have a high degree of professionalism within several areas of expertice. They also have a higher education as computer scientists or software engineers, topped by years of software development experience and a motivation for constantly seeking new knowledge and educating themselves and their peers.

As a STRONGMINDS customer you can draw upon our experiences with the newest technologies, frameworks and well established software development principles. This includes Scrum, S.O.L.I.D., design patterns and automated testing. We also rely on continuous integration / deployment and believe in a strong agile foundation.

Our many years in the industry has given us the skills and the understanding which are needed for developing complex software with repeated success.


We're an independent software development and technology business. Our ambition is to be among the top three recognized development houses. Our competitors are big - we're small, efficient and flexible.

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